ive been fasting for 24h today, i normally do 18h but i havnt taken the jab so i cant help!

i can say without a show of a doubt that fasting is good for you, i dont need any studies having gone from 6 meds a day to 0 in 4 months by eating right (real food) and fasting.

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I've been on intense medications for my transplant for 31 years. I've been fasting on and off since 2003 when I was struck down with constant headache.

I was absolutely desperate and MRI, CT scans were clear. I did a 11 day fast (water only) and daily pain went from 7-8 down to 0.5.

I often go without fasting, but last year I did two 5 dayers. They really help me in multiple ways. One I recovered from ankle/tendon issues and got me back to sprinting speed.


Another bumped my lung function back up 20%


I suspect your autophagy and general clear-out hypothesis is correct, and probably 4-5 days would be the sweet spot, but shorter fasts could work too.

Oh, I'm the longest-lived heart and lungs transplantee in the UK (I think 3rd in the world) so I'm doing something right.

I'd love to help anyone who's vaxxed who'd want to attempt a clear out. https://twitter.com/BipedalMyles

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Intriguing hypothesis. You could be on to something. I like your ideas regarding amplified problems post vax with the youngest and healthiest (high metabolic rates) as opposed to the elderly.

I still don’t get why anyone was in a rush to vax the young and healthy (who are not at risk of severe illness or death from Covid-19). By the unprecedented and irresponsible push to vax children and even toddlers is beyond the pale. This sealed it for me that the entire enterprise is either driven by greed or evil (or both).

Fasting works. I’ve read several studies showing that cancer patients require lower dosages of chemotherapy to achieve the same effects in eliminating the cancerous growth if they fast prior to treatment (which of course reduces the adverse reactions as well).

I have fasted twice for ten days at a time (herb tea and weak bouillon). Feels great, invigorating. 2-6 h of physical activity every day for the duration.

Your idea of doing a study on breakdown of spike as a f(fasting) is a good one.

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Wow, great work, I'll be sharing this big time. Thank you. This is the sort of conversation that I'd expect the smart doctors to be talking about. It's a shame I don't know any.

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Very interesting. Your ideas actually align with some of the things I am working on right now with my Fluvoxamine post! I hope to get it out this week although personal matters has kind of left me backtracked, but it's really interesting how many different hypotheses are coming out about attempting to alleviate or address vaccine symptoms. Strange that the established medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies don't seem interested in the same vein!

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Couple of counterpoints - if I get the protein-folding drift right

1 - MTOR protein creation argument. Fasting actually produces massive growth hormone surge after 24 hours (up 500%)

2 - Testosterone can spike on fasting - especially post-fast breakfast days


However, I think the "self-clearout" argument is solid. At a cellular level to a system level the body goes into "WTF! we're in lean times, what can we do to get more efficient, what's in here that we could do without" Not very scientific, but the apoptosis is documented and I believe that goes on intra-cellular level and at a higher level, so laggard AB antibody that even have been disguised within fat cells or embryo cells or whatever will more likely get inspected and sent to the nearest recycling department.

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Another factor in side effects experienced after vaccination may be the fact that it is impossible to standardize the amount of actual mRNA in each dose. Because the lipid nanoparticles automatically differentiate themselves into various sizes they carry varying amounts of mRNA. Thus when each dose is measured out in manufacturing it is impossible to know exactly what amount of mRNA is in each dose.

mRNA researcher Dr. Aditi Bhargava has discussed and explained thus numerous times now on various podcasts including ‘Tommy’s Podcast’ episode #642

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In addition to those names, Valter Longo, fasting mimicking diet

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Takeaway: Jabbed bodybuilders are heading to Vaccine Injury Spike Protein doom.

j/k. Fascinating article, joomi. Makes a lot of sense.

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Thought-provoking speculation about the age difference in the adverse effect of the vaccine. I attempted 3-day fasting a few times after the 1st and 2nd vaccination but couldn't succeed due to severe headache on day 2. Recent reports about covid damaging mitochodra's fat-metabolizing path way could be the reason. Now it's 11 months after vaccine injury from the 3rd vaccine, I'd like to attempt 3-day fast again!

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Fasting is normal. Not fasting is poison.

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You make an excellent point about alternative medicine, I was brought up with herbal and natural remedies. I feel in todays world everything needs to be fixed as quickly as possible, instead of giving something time to heal. People would be surprised how effective some of these herbs are, and how much lower the risk of side effects actually is, which cannot be said about many drugs, which always made me a firm believer of leaving drugs as a last resort.

Since Ramadan is around the corner and Muslims will start fasting soon, I was about to do my personal research on this topic. I have seen it improve physical and mental health before, and I was hoping to see something similar in people who experience side effects from the vaccines. I'm not sure that it will be completely as you described, but I think it's a good hypothesis to start with and definitely something to look into. So thank you Joomi for this article.

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I’ve heard it hypothesized that people with little body fat should eat a high fat meal prior to vax to prevent it from entering the fatty tissue around the heart. Maybe it should depend on your body fat percentage going in?

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The young have significantly more robust / active immune systems than the elderly.

Higher HGH / testosterone post-puberty.

I favour this hypothesis for myo/peri - carditis issues: https://twitter.com/Undergroundcou1/status/1480161860477497348

Have wondered myself re: circadian rhythm, as well as

* genetic influence (do the niece and the aunty both get sick - ie gender + genes)

* exosome exhalation of spike - do an unrelated couple exacerbate each other's reaction to vax via interaction with absorption of exhaled spike being added to the spike being made internally.

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This can’t possibly be true. Team Enigma has been analyzing the hacked bio weapon data from the various manufacturers and they have detected a clear difference in batches. The batches aren’t uniform, some batches are more toxic than others. https://howbad.info/

They have definite proof that over rides the theory that fasting has any impact. The actual answer is to say no to the poisonous slurry and retain your natural innate immune system.

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