Spin, spin, spin.....What is spinning in public relations?

Spin, in the context of public relations (PR), marketing and journalism, is the selective assembly of fact and the shaping of nuance to support a particular view of a story. Spin is considered one form of propaganda. To spin something is to communicate it in a way that changes the way people are likely to perceive it. There is so much spinning which is why we are all dizzy!

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Joomi, check out this one. Again, they really want this mRNA stuff to work. And I suspect that no scientist doing work right now is oblivious to how this cookie is crumbling. How to frame every study as hopeful, or promising, or just....lie.


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Logical fallacies are how these people survive and operate. They are High Functioning Dark Triad, lying actively and passively is their only game.

Heck I imagine alkaline water kills cancer cells as well, and this might not kill you.

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"This study was supported by grants for Yujiang Fang (Iowa Science Foundation Grant ISF 16-8, IOER 05-14-01, IOER 112-3749 and IOER 112-3104)."

off to ISF we go...

"Availability of grants

The ISF Grants Program is contingent on an appropriation from the Iowa Legislature, approval of the Governor and the availability of private and corporate support. Grants of up to $5,000 will be made for periods of one year."

ISF 16-08, Fang, The direct effect of IL-29 on proliferation, apoptosis and senescence of prostate cancer, Des Moines University, $2,667.97

Looks like Fang only got $2667.97?

Maybe you could interview him? Seems like he/she made quite a leap to a click-baity conclusion.

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You know what else kills cancer cells, all of them 100% of the time?

It also kills Communism, 100% of the time.

“There ain’t many troubles that a man cain’t fix

With seven hundred dollars and a thirty aught six.”

― Jeff Cooper

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Papers like these are why CNN can post that COVID vaccines reduce all cause mortality and the public allows it. I'm starting to find out that researchers are extremely parochial. Whether intentional to avoid having their funding removed or whether to obfuscate a broader concept it feels like researchers don't quite grasp their research within the greater context of the topic as can be seen here.

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Oops, ng/L is not the same thing as nM, not by a long shot. Mass per unit volume versus number of moles per unit volume.

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I cannot believe this paper was even published! Has “the science” sunk that low? If it’s open for peer review, please send your excellent article to the authors.

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The authors thonk that study titles get quoted a lot more than study contents, and having your papers quoted is good.

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Apr 16, 2022·edited Apr 16, 2022

It's been a slippery slope for a LONG time. We were told that a high carbohydrate diet is good for diabetes. Yeah if you want to get worse diabetes. And we are told that saturated meats fats are bad and seed/vegetable oils are good for us. Yeah if you want to have heart attacks.

We were told we all need to be on statins, so most of the population are now on them and the side effects are bad and the good effects are extremely small. We are now told that meat protein is not nearly as good as plant protein. Something that we ate for thousands of years and why we got big brains. I could go on and on, but clearly the people of the worlds health is on a very fast spiral downwards. BUT we keep getting told our life is being extended. We are in the grip of big pharma, big tech, big garbage food companies, supported by our governments. It is becoming homogenous worldwide.

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