This is phenomenal! I've spent 10-50hrs/week for over a year reading about & studying all this, so I'm already aware of at least 90% of what you've presented here, but this is the first time I've seen it all in one place and in easily digested layman's terms. This article is priceless, thank you.

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Spectacular summary!! Back in May 2021 we went out with our camping group and around the campfire that week I discovered that every family there had a new medical issue post shot. Blindness, heavy vaginal bleeding causing hospitalization, heart attack, appendicitis etc. I laid awake that night terrified of how such a small group could ALL have had a negative reaction. I was aware they were shot effects ( I work in the field and read all the adverse event data from the clinical trials.) They had NO idea.

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I am a retired physician. During the spring of 2020 I realized that something was very wrong in the medical world of COVID - terrible data collection and a peculiar indifference to attempting to treat patients with the infection until they were late in the illness, when they were essentially untreatable. In the summer of 2020 I sat down with my iPad in a small town in the mountains to investigate the PCR test which seems to be the linchpin of the “pandemic,” the thing that defined the numbers that were being used to justify destruction of social bonds and economic activity. I got up two hours later, realizing that surely the people behind the lockdowns and the health care directives knew what I now knew, and I sadly came to the conclusion that the exercise we were enduring not about our welfare, but about getting to the great vaccination project. I’ve learned more about virology and immunology and the psychology of crowds than I ever wanted to know, and have found all that you have written here- and more. I am afraid that the myocarditis and aggressive cancers are just the tip of a very large iceberg and I believe we are involved in the greatest public health disaster in history. I am very grateful to you for having compiled all of these links in one place and intend to give this article to anyone I come across who is beginning to wake up to what has happened.

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That is a freaking tour de force!! Thank you! I will be sharing everywhere I can.

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Another aspect of corruption is how doctors are being threatened with discipline and loss of their licenses for giving any other advice than "take the vaccine:" to their patients. In WA State they are doing a bit of a con. The Governor and Department of Health keep saying "talk to your trusted doctor" about the vaccine and at the same time have pushed the Washington Medical Commission (they license doctors) to discipline doctors who don't support the covid vaccines. It's a con because they are manufacturing for the public an illusion of uniform opinion by medical doctors and threatening doctors with the loss of their livelihood if they don't go along with it. It's my understanding this is happening in other states too.


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You have written the best summary of almost everything I have been sharing with family and friends over the past year. Thank you for doing all this work.

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Wow. This pulls everything together in one place. Herculean effort. Well done!

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GREAT article. A summary of 'coincidences' I have seen in people I know post-vaccine (and I really don't even know that many people!):

Shingles x 3

Possible myocarditis (still wearing heart monitor)

New migraines

Persistent unexplained leg pain

Clot in leg

Kidney pain

Reduced arm mobility 6months+

Menstruation issues (multiple people)

Death (Relatively unhealthy, F, 65yo: after shingles and then pulmonary embolism)

Death (Healthy, F, 50yo: went for nap on sofa complaining of headache, didn't wake up)

Death (Healthy, M, 45yo: complaining of headache, found on the floor in puddle of blood from ears, eyes and nose)

All are max 2 degrees of separation, majority are 1 degree.

I am not aware of a single report being made. No post mortem for any death.

There is no doubt in my mind the authorities know what is going on here. You need only eyes to see.

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Thank you for such a deeply, well-researched post!

There's really so much to discuss here and going down the rabbit hole of looking at everything is extremely exhaustive and so this had to have been painstakingly difficult to compile and write and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

At the same time it seems like the narrative is breaking, it seems people get swooped back into the cultish behavior. With Omicron spreading everywhere I've come across many family members in their 20s who had gotten it and praised the vaccines for saving them. In fact, that seems to be happening in many circles.

When it comes to adverse events I think one of the most disgusting presentations from medical doctors wasn't that this was some weird phenomenon not seen in prior vaccinations, but was expected. It was like some quirky new feature of mRNA vaccines in which you become debilitatingly ill, the "one-two vaccine punch" I've seen doctors refer to it as (also "Immunity hurts so good!"). We never stopped to think that this was all strange and really shouldn't be happening.

Even now, so many of my friends (I'm almost 30) have gotten boosted and felt like crap. Just recently I got into an argument with family members over the craziness of constant vaccinations and how there's a lot of questionable things happening, with one family member responding "oh, I felt so fatigued and had trouble breathing a week after the 2nd Moderna dose" as if that wasn't something concerning!

I've tried to remain rational to everything going on. I've written cautiously about VAERS before but now I'm second guessing if I have downplayed the severity of everything that's been going on.

Once again, thank you for your heard work and compiling all of this evidence! Hopefully it'll reach the right people and more attention is brought towards everything going on right now.

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It's quite surreal waking up everyday knowing your government, media and medical establishment are actively trying to murder you and your loved ones. That's not hyperbole. That's fact. The problem is that they THINK they're doing good.

After the financial meltdown in 2008, I went on a quest that nearly destroyed me. I desperately wanted to know the truth about our world, our economic and political system, our history, our culture. I wanted to know everything, whatever it took. It was so disturbing, I could barely function - because what I was learning about the real world was so horrific. I've come a long way since then and have reconnected with the sacred within me. I survived cancer, twice, without chemo/radiation, endured many harrowing setbacks including the loss of my younger sister to cancer (chemo/radiation, actually), and other life issues and have come to a point in my life at 62 years old where I realize how important community and family really is.

I'm deeply grateful that most of my family is against the vax and I have met some of the most lovely people I could ever have hoped to meet. My primary focus is getting and staying strong physically and emotionally so that I can fight this final battle against he demonic forces who've taken control of our global narrative and convinced people to believe in the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the human species. Who knows whether we'll win or even survive. But in the end, it's about the children. It should ALWAYS be about the children.

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Great job...I love the consilience take.

So many similarities to path to where I am today

1. Got 1st short and reluctant 2nd based on trust

2. Background in science(engineering), strong supporter of scientific method and free speech

3. The feeling something was wrong.

4. Tons of research

5. Numerous moments of disbelief

6. Unable to condense 100+ hours of research to a 10 second compelling sound bite without sounding unbelievable.

6. Close family asking me to not share even though they believe, trust, listen and believe everything I share is vetted best I can.

7. Selective sharing with close confidants has destroyed what historically appeared to be strong unbreakable relationships.

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Thank you so much for this article.

Thanks to Dark Horse Podcast for mentioning it.

I am a huge believer that knowledge is contained not in one article, but in the links to all of the other articles. Not everyone is able to do such painstaking work. Thanks again.

I linked to this article from


I imported all of your articles.


Here is my collection of Covid related links.


Please let me know if any prove useful to you.

Warm Regards

Christopher Lozinski

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I got the OG Wuhan weapons grade version of this deal in Spring 2020, and recovered alon, no health care...Was very ill.

I went into my research with high hopes for these injections. (turns out, not vaccines) Red flags began to immediately present.

Red Flag #1: Every single source of public health information was written like a lawyer crafted it.

Red Flag #2: We were supposed to believe that CVS or Walgreen's employees were going to conduct endless jabs day after day with the skill and organization of credentialed medical staff, and be asked questions and provide cogent replies?

Red Flag #3: What if I have a bad reaction? Who am I to contact? Who is anyone to contact if they are one of the millions of American without access to healthcare or insurance?

This seemed so odd to me. No aftercare, no follow up. No nothing. Just get the jab, get the jab, get the jab.

Red Flag #4: Indemnification of Big Pharm. Given their past history of fraudulence, how can we trust that they were scrupulous and thorough?

Red Flag #5: Experimental technology. Rushed through in a three and a half month of study?

Red Flag #6: The monumental pressure combined with monumental censorship. Obviously, there was something going on, hiding. When so many institutions are aligning....something is off. I had the virus, I knew what it was all about.

Red Flag #7: Fauci being revealed in lie after lie.

Red Flag #8: Seeking information, one had to go to bitchute. Thankfully I stumbled upon Dr. Peter McCullough video. This one:


And now I knew for sure. Just the relative risk vs. absolute trial risk misuse of stats was the reddest of red flags.

Red Flag #9: Geert Vanden Bossche videos. Dense, difficult. But his integrity was obvious. And his mastery of the topic was clear. Unlike the hucksters such as Fauci, he admitted what he didn't know. I watched them over and over.

More red flags, but you get the idea.

Edited to add: "March Twisdale", please do not spam me. No I don't want to join your project or whatever.

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Excellent article. It's very difficult to admit that you were wrong about something in public! Don't worry about the people claiming this was trivial to figure out; most people are *rationally* ignorant of public policy - after all we only have so much time in the day - and are only waking up as it becomes more obvious that somewhere along the line our governments decided Brave New World and 1984 were instruction manuals.

If you are looking for some new article ideas, speaking entirely for myself I'm very curious how Pfizer ran their clinical trial, as it's clear they must have monkeyed with the data substantially to generate a positive result. I'd also love to read about any protocols to heal vaccine related injuries. Best of luck sir and welcome to the good guys!

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Thanks Joomi for taking the time and effort to review and organize so much evidence. Your article is very readable and very informative. I will be sharing it widely.

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Vast and clearly articulated article. It really spoke to me on much of what I've been reading these past several of months.


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