"Not long" leaves interpretation in the eye of the beholder. When scientists fail to quantify, be extra skeptical.

The simplest functional interpretation of "not long" is "not long enough to do damage," so these "trusted experts" should be held accountable to the extent that turns out not to be correct.

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Thanks for the article Joomi! Do you know how long antigens would typical last in germinal centers? I've seen questions raised as to whether it may just be typical for Antigen-presenting cells and the lymph nodes to hold onto things longer than we may assume them to. Just a minor remark because there's still so much with science that is not known, so how much of what is being researched now is novel to COVID and the vaccines, or whether this is something that hasn't been extensively researched.

Granted, the mRNA being long-lived regardless is concerning, including the possible implications of continuous spike production. As to whether the mRNA is reaching other parts of the body, would we need to consider the LNPs as being needed to facilitate transport? I don't see the mRNA free-floating and being taken up by cells without the LNP, unless the mRNA doesn't need up with being taken up by cells. Just a question as to whether the mRNA would continuously circulate.

And on the spike protein not being the same, have you looked into codon optimization? I haven't looked too extensively, but there may be concerns that codon optimization may remove slower parts of translation, and that doing so may lead to misfolded proteins.

Anyways, another great article!

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On his previous blog, Robert Malone MD presented in June 2021 that 6 out of 6 mRNA vaccine recipients tested had spike protein in their blood at 6 months. This implied that the mRNA was still intact and coding for it at 6 months.

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Thanks so much for this article. I remember taking some comfort from the early "experts" that the injected "mRNA" would last only a very short time in the body, breaking down so quickly that there was a risk the Covid 19 "vaccines" would have no effect at all. They said mRNA was a very fragile molecule.

Now we're learning that the stuff they called "mRNA" is actually chemically different owing to the replacement of uracil or uridine with pseudouridine. It's not even mRNA! It's a synthetic approximation to mRNA that degrades much more slowly!

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The Xenopus laevis paper seems to just be detecting [3H] Gs and Us incorporated into ribosomal RNA molecules. "In Xenopus oocytes, it has been shown that fingers 4–7 of the nine-zinc finger transcription factor TFIIIA can bind to the central region of 5S RNA.[6][7] Binding between 5S rRNA and TFIIIA serves to both repress further transcription of the 5S RNA gene and stabilize the 5S RNA transcript until it is required for ribosome assembly" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5S_ribosomal_RNA But maybe not.

Follicular Dendritic Cells can preserve both antigens and entire virions (and so LNPs as well), if attached to C3 complexes, for months https://unglossed.substack.com/p/the-60-day-rna-mystery-spoiler-summary

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Jul 20, 2022·edited Jul 20, 2022

One of the things Robert Malone brought up in the historic Dark Horse podcast with Steve Kirsch was that the mRNA injection produce an unknown quantity of the spike protein. Any drug approval process would have had to show clearly what the amount of drug was, but since they were approved as vaccines the drug companies were allowed to simply ignore this question. With the discovery that both mRNA and spike protein persist for remarkable periods of time, the amount of spike protein produced is even more difficult to quantify.

This reminds me of an excellent article from back in January that considers the dangers of prolonged high levels of antibodies:


Also, Walter Chestnut's theory is that cleaved spike protein is responsible for long covid.


Then there is the relation between the pseudouridine substitution and Toll-like Receptors.

Discussed by Malone here:


Also discussed by Jessica Rose here:


I am struggling to remember where I saw speculation that the pseudouridine substitution may have disabled or inhibited toll-like receptors instead of merely evading them. If so, the long term presence of stabilized mRNA could cause immune system disruption.

At any rate 'experts' are turning out to be worthless pieces of trash. I just read a news article yesterday where some university doctor was STILL claiming that unvaccinated are making up the majority of hospitalizations in super highly vaccinated California. You can't reason with people like that.

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"mRNA is a short-lived molecule"

So basically, same trick as saying "It's known that 'vaccines' this or that" (and we just _call_ these things 'vaccines' now, to make the statement seem true, and most are duped because they _look_ similar on the surface, but shhhhh!).

People briefy looking this up about "mRNA" may find it confirmed, so "yeah, checks out".

While "mRNA" as known before lacks the artificial cloak for enhanced stability and immune-detection-evasion.

I.e. they are abusing a term for something that was modified with the deliberate aim of making the very claim become untrue - how brazen can one get.

If any of those people asks you: "do you want me to give you an apple?", you better run for cover and scream for help. Who knows what they mean by apple, give, or want.

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Could they be right about mRNA not lasting very long? We know reverse transcription could happen https://doi.org/10.3390/cimb44030073, so perhaps it's new mRNA?

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It is worse that you think. See: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/stabilising-the-code

The mRNA uses artificial codons instead of the natural codons. They use the modified Uridine nucleoside denoted as Ψ (modified) instead of its natural form U (Uridine). It is more stable and not recognized by the immune system

Here is additional research about long persistence of the spike-protein: - https://doctors4covidethics.org/long-term-persistence-of-the-sars-cov-2-spike-protein-evidence-and-implications-2/

The immune system seems to try to get rid of the garbage by putting mRNA and spike proteins into exosomes. It seems that the immune system does something else that the companies say it does.

Here is my full analysis on the experimental injections: https://thescienceanalyst.substack.com/p/the-experimental-injections-are-not

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I very much appreciate your insightful analyses and have found them very helpful.

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Use this free online tool to convert full webpage to jpg: https://www.freeconvert.com/webpage-to-jpg i tried it and it seems to work just fine.

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Peter McCullough made a long presentation and guess what all the leading slides are about? Exactly this persistence issue! James Lyons-Weiler is posting the slides and has a link to the presentation here:


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Another excellent in-depth look into this paper


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