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A lesson in living with astoundingly good writers on substack.

What an ordeal to write this all. Very impressive. I want to thank you wholeheartedly. Your articles are an absolute treat to read. Well laid out, detailed, nuanced reading for lay men like me.

One of your earlier articles about vaccin safety and how you use the term consilience was very powerful and should be read by many people. An update of that article would be very nice by the way. I would gladly read if things have changed for you.

This substack is as far as I am concerned essential reading. Hope it gets more coverage soon.

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Your explanation of this uber-complex matter is wonderfully clear and the illustrations are helpful.

My impression is that the m-RNA vaccines are operating in ways that are still poorly understood. The systems that turn transcription on and off, when not interfered with, are astonishingly stable and self-correcting. The mechanisms are dynamic and as yet our investigative technologies are too clumsy to reveal their complexity.

Do you share my fear that Pharma is like Icarus and flying too close to the sun? It might be years, perhaps generations, before we can be sure of the safety of transcription therapies.

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Excellent description of the increasing problems with interpreting research as the subject under study retreats farther and farther from visibility and the number of people studying and “understanding” the subject gets smaller and smaller.

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What am amazing article. Thank you for doing the literature review and the analysis. I'll delve into each paper as well. I am equally grateful and distressed by the implications.

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I had three different comments that turned out to be addressed in the footnotes. That's awesome.

I would note that the infamous furin cleavage "insert" might act as a partial nuclear transport signal. There doesn't have to be 6 bases after the proline, and even three might be enough https://biosignaling.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12964-021-00741-y

What's interesting about this is that PRRAR is unusual for an FCS, both for having P in spot 5 and for reading "backward" (furin likes R-X-R/K-R↓ https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdfdirect/10.1002/cti2.1073).

However, given that spike has a recognized membrane transport signal, I would expect a lot more due diligence in demonstrating nuclear localization than Paper 1 offers. 24 hours post-transfection, and no intermediary time point images, seems like they intentionally tried to saturate the cells to cook their desired result.

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Wow. This is a seminal presentation, truly one of the best reports I have read. So thorough, so well illustrated, so balanced, a great review of the topic. Kudos and thank you.

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Thanks amazing research 💪💛

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Just saw you on Gigaohm Biological video and came over to check out your substack. I bookmarked it. One of my sons is a genetic engineer for a Fortune 100 company. I wish I could get him to read article, but he is not open minded on the subject of mRNA transfections. I'm amazed at what he doesn't know. For example, he didn't realize there was a connection between bad covid outcomes and vitamin D blood levels. He hadn't heard that myocarditis can be an issue sometimes. And he told me that ivermectin was just horse paste. For awhile he was teaching at the university level. An expensive university. If you want a challenge try writing a persuasive substack intended only to be read by highly educated scientists in the field and attempting to persuade them that maybe they haven't considered the whole story. The vast bulk of persuasive articles are aimed at the layman and not the biological professional.

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Honestly Joomi I find that posts such as these are much more needed during these times. It's a rather harrowing remark to consider that it may take years until we figure out exactly what's going on with these vaccines, and yet several years may be what occurs realistically. In the same manner that these vaccines were rushed so too should we be careful in assuming that science examining all facets of these vaccines will be as timely as well.

I think this has led people to go down paths that otherwise would have been considered scientifically reprehensible. Extrapolating inferences that exist nowhere in the original work, glossing over studies in order to push a narrative rather than understanding the critical faults in said studies. Understanding that we shouldn't be jumbling all evidence together and presenting it as some evidence stew, but rather take care to pick apart each ingredient and understanding the significance of the ingredients. In some instances we may find that the ingredient is not necessary or significant in the making of evidence stew, and in which case the ingredient may be better suited to be left out rather than worked in and likely tampering with the other ingredients.

I'm not sure why my comment became an allegory for stew to be honest, but more and more I am rather concerned that we're seeing people running with studies (some of which have not been analyzed) and enflaming more divisiveness when we need more people reading studies rather than pontificating on them.

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Sorry, I’m a little rushed, so haven’t read this article yet, but will soon.

(Saw you on J Couey’s channel earlier today.)

Just have time to post a few links, in case you don’t have them yet.

These two are from a researcher in Canada.



In this next you can see spike stained in histology samples, where the deceaseds never had COVID but had the shot between 7 days to 6 months prior to their deaths.


Only one of 17 autopsied subjects didn’t show evidence that their death was caused by the shot.

Obviously the first two are about the spike in the cell nucleus (perhaps he’s referring to the same papers you are presenting?); and the 3rd shows that the spike persists a lot longer than they told us it would, is not localized as they promised, and appears to induce life threatening autoimmunity.

Again, enjoyed seeing you highlighted by Jay Couey.

If you already have those links, sorry for any duplication.

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Good stuff. Reminds me of the observer effect in quantum mechanics, where the act of observation alters the behavior of the things being observed.

Good job making this subject more accessible!

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I am tentatively hopeful that the two Chinese scientists who showed that spike spike localizes to the nucleus and impairs dna damage pathways genuinely fucked up.

Here are some more studies which unambiguously show spike outside of the nucleus:

see “Heparan sulfate assists SARS-CoV-2 in cell entry and can be targeted by approved drugs in vitro”

see “A new intracellular targeting motif in the cytoplasmic tail of the spike protein may act as a target to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 assembly”

see “Localization of SARS-CoV-2 Capping Enzymes Revealed by an Antibody against the nsp10 Subunit”

see “The “LLQY” Motif on SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Affects S Incorporation into Virus Particles”

God only knows at this point.

Here's hoping for limited long-term side effects! This whole thing sure has taught me a lot about trust. Can't trust the gov - knew that already. But that you can't trust health regulators? That you can't trust the scientific community? What portion of the populace is completely insane? Did you know that they never ran any genotoxicity tests on any of the covid vaccines? They just didn't think it would be a big deal, and skipped them.

Useful knowledge about human nature - very useful knowledge. I pray that I will live long enough to enjoy full use of it!

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Joomi, don't you wish these high paid labs with lots of funds would just take high quality confocal z-stacks and be done with it?

hmmmmm i wonder why they dont?

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